AI with Matlab

AI plays an important role in automating workflows in value chains and industrial processes. Recently, AlphaFold had a huge impact on structural biology and will change this field forever. This course makes you familiar with the basic mathematical principles of AI.

We start with building a single neuron, expand it to a layer and add all the optimization we need for a fully functional network. We will train our own network, run pretrained networks provided by Matlab, work with tools like the image labeler and apply it to real Cryo-EM (Beckmann lab, see also here) and optical image (Gompel lab) data sets.


  • creating a neuron
  • building a layer of neurons
  • activation functions
  • gradient descent
  • backpropagation
  • the training process
  • CNNs in Matlab
  • pretrained NN in Matlab
  • Segmentation in Matlab