Research Areas & Groups

Establishing close interactions among a group of researchers with very different backgrounds, expertise, and approaches requires some form of common intellectual focus and interest. Given the necessary and present methodological diversity within QBM, the focus is on one fundamental and encompassing biological problem – the control of gene expression in all its aspects, and the interplay of the different control mechanisms in regulatory networks.

The participating biochemists (Becker, Beckmann, Hopfner, Imhof, Jae, Jung, Klughammer, Ladurner, Stingele) study the molecular mechanisms of gene regulation in all its aspects, ranging from transcription to RNA transport and degradation, and from translation to protein folding, transport and degradation.

The biophysicists participating in QBM (Braun, Rädler, Schwille, Simmel, Stigler) bring a wealth of advanced expertise and novel methodologies, permitting the high-resolution quantitative and dynamic analysis of regulatory processes, including protein folding/conformation and the interaction of proteins with small molecules, nucleic acids, or other proteins in different settings (single molecule, purified/crude extracts).

The theoreticians in QBM (Frey, Gagneur, Gerland, Theis) bring the deep experience and expertise necessary to analyze and model the data produced by the experimentalists, encompassing the bioinformatic/statistical analysis of regulatory sequence and genomic data, as well as dynamical systems, network theory, and stochastic and thermodynamic modeling.

We also seek to translate concepts and methods of basic science into medicine. The biomedical-scientists (Klughammer, Wolf) are working on programming and differentiation in embryonic development, maturation of immune cells, the innate immune system and disease genetics.


Peter Becker
Roland Beckmann
Dieter Braun
Erwin Frey
Julien Gagneur
Ulrich Gerland
Nicolas Gompel
Karl-Peter Hopfner
Lucas Jae
Kirsten Jung
Johanna Klughammer
Andreas Ladurner
Joachim O. Rädler
Benedikt Sabass
Petra Schwille
Friedrich Simmel
Johannes Stigler
Julian Stingele
Fabian J. Theis
Eckhard Wolf